Binary Traits

Where it all began, BT

Registered with the MICT as a constituent Assessor and Moderator
A registered company with the CIPC
Registered with the SSETA as a constituent Assessor
Highly qualified and very capable with over 10 years of experience
Registered dealer with various Distributers
(B) 01000010 (T) 01010100
Managed IT Services by an IT pro on a trusted platform


Big IT for Small Offices

BT caters for the lower income sectors. We focus on Small Office / Home Office and Micro Enterprises.

We bring corporate IT to your door. Every company deserves Anti-Virus, Backups and Managed Services to support their business to success.

Human-easy IT

Binary Traits is an IT firm focused on micro-enterprises and businesses running from home.

With SOHO expertise, BT can support small businesses with IT support to keep going forward. Services such as: Anti-virus, Productivity, Backup, Email and much more.

Friendly Sales

Send us a request of your needs and we will reply with our best price. We are sure to beat most retail shop prices. Upgrade your gaming PC, upgrade that old laptop or just buy new from the beginning.

We sell hardware and software.

Remote Assessment

POE's can be posted via courier or Postnet to Postnet for assessment.

MICT Registered Assessor and Moderator on: End-User (61591), Technical Support (78964) and System Support (48573)

SSETA Registered Assessor on: Project Management (50080)

Workplace Evaluations

We can assist HR in doing workplace evaluations on computer literacy.

Have an SME assess your staff against your company requirements or SAQA requiremants.

Determine the gap in skills level and prepare skills development for the future.

Technical Consultant

Review your Company IT with us. Is your Policies up to date: BCP, DR, Assets.

Is the current documentation of value and relevant?

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MICT Assessor and Moderator. SME in MCP, CompTIA, KCLP, DCE, IT Auditing, SHE, HR and IT system integration.

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MICT & SETA Registered

NQF 3, 4, 5

Assessment or Moderation on: End User NQF3, Technical Support NQF4 and Systems Support NQF5.

Project Management Fundamentals NQF 3.

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Sales Manager

A combined 8+ years of Office Administration, Executive Assistant and Sales experience in various sectors.

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Kaspersky Registered Partner

Tough Security

We are registered on the Kaspersky Partner Program to resell all their Software Solutions direct to you.

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Microsoft Partner Network

Office 365 & Cloud

We are registered Microsoft CSP partners ready to meet your Office365 needs.

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Endian Authorized Partner

Gateway Security

Need a UTM solution. Let us assist you with proper web filtering and Internet accounting.

Our BT Affiliations

IIA - Institute of Internal Auditors

Membership Number: 43946900 (Individual)

ISSA - Information Systems Security Association

Member Number: 53001568 (Community)


Reg 2016/142555/07.

Binary Traits Pricing

Assessment & Moderation

Pricing [BT is not VAT registered]

Assessment Task Per US/Module
Formative Assessment R95
Summative Assessment R125
Formative Remedial R55
Summative Remedial R75
POE Moderation R1800
*On the account of a signed SLA | Credentials for Registration R1200

Managed IT Services: Workstations

Per device billing

Basic Security (R75) Advanced Security (R180) Fully Managed (R350)
Asset Management Asset Management Asset Management
Managed AV Managed AV Managed AV
Document Backup Document Backup Document Backup
- Patch Management Patch Management
- Web Protection Web Protection
- Proactive maintenance Proactive maintenance
Callout Callout Unlimited Support
*Core services available @ R40 for AV only | Month-to-Month Contract

Managed IT Services: Servers

Per device billing

Secure Server (R900) Managed Server (R2000) Network Audit (R1500)
Asset Management Asset Management Asset Tracking
Advanced Monitoring Advanced Monitoring Software Inventory
Managed AV Managed AV Warranty Check
Managed Patching Managed Patching Patch Check
- Managed Backup Audit Report
Callout Unlimited Support Once Off

Managed IT Services: Other

Per device billing

Mobile Security (R35) Mail Protection (R45)
Asset Information Managed Anti-Spam
Remote Lock Managed Archiving
Remote Wipe Managed Mail Backup
Set password
Clear Password
Locate Device

Computer Hardware and Software:

(send us a request of what you need)
Hard Disk Drive DDR 4 RAM Intel CPU AMD CPU OS
Seagate 1TB 7200rpm Desktop Drive Corsair 4GB DDR4 PC-2666 288-pin Intel Celeron 3.3Ghz Dual Core AMD AM4 Athlon 3.2Ghz Dual Core Microsoft Windows Home
Seagate 2TB 7200rpm Desktop Drive MCorsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 PC-2666 288-pin Intel Pentium 4Ghz Dual Core AMD AM4 A12 9800E 3.1Ghz Quad Core Microsoft Windows Pro
Seagate 3TB 7200rpm Desktop Drive Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 PC-2666 288-pin x2 Intel Core i3-9350k 4Ghz Quad Core AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6Ghz Quad Core Microsoft Office Home & Business
Seagate 4TB 7200rpm Desktop Drive Corsair Dominator 8GB DDR4 PC-2666 288-pin x2 Intel Core i5-9600k 3.7Ghz Hexa Core AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8Ghz Hexa Core
Seagate 5TB 7200rpm Desktop Drive Corsair Dominator 8GB DDR4 PC-2666 288-pin x4 Intel Core i7-9700k 3.6Ghz Octa Core AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 3.9Ghz Octa Core
Seagate 10TB 7200rpm Desktop Drive Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 PC-2666 288-pin x2 RGB Intel Core i9-9900ks 4Ghz Octa Core AMD Ryzen 9 9350X 3.5Ghz 16-core


To get in touch:

BT is currently not accepting CV's. But any requests are welcome.

064-518-8208 or 072-492-6129 or

Krugersdorp, Mogale City